About us

War Militaria is a leader in Militaria reproductions, specialized in articles about the First and Second World War.

Passion was born in the 1990s, in a small workshop where the founders dedicated themselves to the reproduction of a few Italian military articles about the Second War. Over the years this passion has taken hold and has become a real job. To date, our company is collaborating and supplying hundreds of shops, e-commerce, recall groups, theaters, TV productions and movie sets, and it's a melting pot for collectors across Europe.

We like to innovate, experiment and add new products to our catalog, which already counts more than 600 items, entirely made according to ancient techniques of craftsmanship in Florence. Our articles are faithful reproductions, created on a specific model, which in most cases is the original object which we jealously guard in our collection.

Every product is thought, developed and created in Italy, where our company is able to give free rein to the creativity and the complex metalworking techniques we use. We work in the industry and for the industry, remaining in customer service for any specific request, united by a common passion: collecting.


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